Wednesday, April 18, 2018

“የኑረነቢ ማህደር” Published in Tigrigna.

It is my great pleasure to announce that the book, by the title of “የኑረነቢ ማህደርቢ” written by Tesfaye Gebreab and translated to Tigrigna by Daniel Habtemariam has been published. In the month of May, 2018 the book will be officially inaugurated in Asmara and Massawa.
The book will be made available in North America, Europe including more than 100 countries through Amazon. More locations where the they are going to be available will be announced via the social media.
 In Eritrea the books will be made available in Asmara through all the book stores. Also the book will be similarly distributed to the book stores in Assab, Massawa, Keren, Mendefra and Tessene.
I have also the pleasure to announce that “The Nurenebi File” has been translated into English by the famous Eritrean author and historian, Alemseged Tesfay and is ready for publication. It is expect that the English version will be ready for marketing in the month of July and August 2018.

Debessay Gebriel
Gebriel and Son Publishing LLC.
Alexanderia, Verginia.

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